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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), if you are not familiar, is an world leading American mixed martial arts promotion company that is distributed worldwide.

UFC approached me to help them create a series of worldwide landing pages for their FightPass™ streaming network. The purpose was to accurately represent the offerings on the streaming platform based on your geo location. At the start of the project they had over 70 different regions for which separate images, pricing and relevant fights had to be completely different. This was the biggest challenge to date for me that I gladly jumped on! Not to mention, it's UFC! How cool is that!

I put the Webflow CMS to use and created a fully customizable CMS based template that would load dynamic content based on each of the 70+ regions. Each page loads dynamically based on your location using geo targeting. This resulted in a site that loaded extremely fast and was extremely easy to manage all the data necessary. They were extremely pleased and they have been amazing to work with!

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